Wednesday, 23 May 2012

last couple of weeks I was missing . . .

Hi, Last couple of weeks I was missing from my online activity. I was too busy to settle my professional work and its status. It was really hard and a tough time for me. But I know life is all about  . . .no matter what, I am back again. Hope soon I will active in my online activity again.

Thanks everyone, who is stand beside me during my hard time. They are most important in my life.

Wish you all the best, and please keep in touch.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Nikon J1 Overview

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Raymond Barlow Wildlife Photography seminar series - Delhi chapter - at Delhi - 1st May, 2012

Raymond explaining Jobu design Gimbal head to participants - 1st May, 2012
 — at Indipix Gallery.

Courtesy: © drcaesarphotography 
It was an wonderful experience for me. I am really thankful to my friend Dr. Caesar Sengupta for his initiative to give us a scope to learn photography skills from "The master of Creative Wildlife Photography techniques – ‘Raymond Barlow’ . . .I was amazed the way he(Raymond Barlow) explain - the photography how it is. I salute him for his wonderful work, achivements and the energy level he has within himself . 

Courtesy: © drcaesarphotography
He gave us every detailed information on his photographs. How he took his position, how was the situation, weather, day times, lights, detail EXIF information, etc. . . .and ofcourse we have a highly interactive participants too . . .Mr. Barlow explain a lot to us with our queries, put his 1000% effort tomake this event/workshop a wonderful memorie for us. I wish If I can use 10% what he explain to us, I can get a certain level in my photography.  

me & my friend Caesar
One more thing happen very interesting that is, I meet my dear friend Dr.Caesar after 23 years long gap. All the old memories come alive. I was so happy to meet him after so long.  We both specially thanks Facebook for the reason. 

At the end again I would love say "it was a great workshop" and I am happy to be there as a participant and I wish many more Workshop in nearfuture.  

Thank you so much Sir "Mr. Raymond Barlow" for the coming and the tips you gave us. 

Thank you:  . . .for this event and wish to have a many more event like this in near future too . . .  

Few photographs of the event: 
Highly interactive crowd at Delhi - 1st May, 2012

The Man with a Machine Mr. Raymond Barlow

Its an honor just to stand beside him (Mr. Raymond Barlow)

The Man with a Vision "Mr. Raymond Barlow"

The Man with a MISSION "Mr. Raymond Barlow"