Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nikon D800


While it’s simple to call the Nikon D800 an upgrade from the aging Nikon D700, it’s in many ways a completely different offering for the company. While on the outside it looks similar to the D700, the D800 is almost a junior D3x, with its massive 36.3-megapixel resolution full-frame image sensor coming in at less than half the price of the 24.5-megapixel Nikon flagship. Available in March for just under $3000, the D800 represents an extremely attractive price point for those looking for a camera with that kind of resolution. The price will also appeal to those in need of a camera with many of the high-end still and video features of the Nikon D4 at, again, roughly half the price. Nikon will also release the D800E, an identical model save for the inclusion of a non-antialiasing optical low pass filter for $300 more, designed to improve image sharpness for landscape and studio photographers looking for an alternative to expensive and bulky medium-format cameras.